Simply Strong

Build Strength, Gain Muscle, and Improve Your Mobility With Simply Strong.

  • Done-for-you programming created by a professional you can trust. Just show up & execute.

  • 3 days per week of strength training. Each session is full-body and should take less than 60 minutes.

  • Membership to my Simply Strong fitness app (Trainerize) available on both iOS & Android.

  • Access to the daily mobility routine (CARs) I give to every patient & client I work with in-person.

Enrollment opens on the 1st of each month and closes the following day at 10pm EST.

Simply Strong

A strength training program for active women, created by an active woman.


Simply Strong will give more to your life than it takes. Simply Strong is...

  • Simple.

    So it doesn't take all of your mental energy. Simply download my mobile fitness app (Trainerize) and  follow the training program. It's that simple.

  • Efficient.

    So you aren't wasting your time. Simply Strong is 3 full-body workouts per week. Each session should take less than 60 minutes.

  • Fun.

    So you don't get bored and you can learn to actually enjoy strength training. 

  • Functional.

    So you can prepare yourself for life and become strong for all the activities you love.

  • Science-based.

    So you don't run your body into the ground and leave yourself feeling wrecked or injured.

  • And created by someone you can trust.

    Hello, I have a doctoral degree in physical therapy and bachelors degree in kinesiology/exercise science. I am a movement specialist & self-proclaimed movement nerd. Basically, I weed through all the science, so you don’t have to. 

I Know You Want To Get Strong

And I know you’re dying to find a training program that doesn’t require you to spend more than an hour at the gym, that’s trustworthy, and for crying out loud is actually ENJOYABLE!


You deserve a training program that will add more to your life than it takes from you.


This is exactly why I created Simply Strong...


I was you.


I wanted to be strong & have muscle, without feeling that fitness took over my life. And I needed a training program that wouldn’t run my body into the ground – I’d already dealt with enough injuries.


This is not your bodybuilder bro Chad’s program. It’s a program for active women, designed by a woman who wished this existed years ago. 


I am a physical therapist, strength coach, mobility specialist, and athlete. I walk the walk and will also talk the talk, educating you on anything & everything you need to know to keep your body healthy.

What You Get With Simply Strong...

    • Membership to Simply Strong fitness app (iOS & Android).

    • Demo videos & coaching notes for every exercise.

    • 3 full-body workouts per week, each <60 minutes in duration.

    • Access to private Simply Strong Facebook group for community & support.

    • Messaging access to Dr. Jen.

    • Daily mobility routine to prioritize your joint health & mobility.

          • Brand new training plan every 4 weeks.

          • Exclusive members-only training guides & content uploaded in Facebook group. 

          • Past Facebook Live coaching calls on various topics.

          Who's Dr. Jen Hosler?

          Dr. Jen Hosler is a licensed physical therapist, strength & conditioning specialist, and certified mobility specialist.


          She spends most of her time empowering people with knowledge on how to build more resilient bodies, both in her clinic & online.


          She has spent the past decade learning through research and trial-and-error, with her programming and the patients & clients she works with. 


          Dr. Jen noticed most training programs for women end up running them into the ground, often tired & injured. And she noticed there was a big gap between the fitness crowd who lived, ate, and breathed fitness, and those who enjoy training but still want to enjoy their lives.


          She created Simply Strong to bridge that gap & to provide women with a non-BS strength training program- something she was looking for since she started her own fitness journey. 


          Strength training is a magical tool, and it should always give more than it takes.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          When can I sign-up for Simply Strong?

          You are able to sign-up for Simply Strong on the 1st and 2nd of each month.


          Sign-ups close on the 2nd of each month at 10:00pm EST.


          If sign-ups are currently closed, you can join the Simply Strong wait list to get notified when you are able to sign-up next.

          What equipment do I need?

          How much does Simply Strong cost?

          Is Simply Strong suitable for beginners?

          Is this 1-on-1 coaching?

          ​Ready To Get Strong?

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