Kinstretch With Dr. Jen

Kinstretch is a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility, and usable ranges of motion (mobility).

Is your poor mobility preventing you from doing the things you love?

Kinstretch will help you improve your mobility, maximize your joint health, and overcome longstanding injuries, aches, and pains that may be holding you back from living your best life.


With a consistent Kinstretch practice, you can start feeling better AND finally get back to doing all the things you love pain-free.

  • Improve your mobility.

  • Maximize your joint health.

  • Get back to doing all the things you love.

What To Expect From Kinstretch

    • Improved joint flexibility & overall mobility.

    • Improved joint health.

    • Increased movement capacity.

    • Improved body control & proprioception.

    • Injury prevention/mitigation.

    • Injury management/rehab.

          • Improved physical & athletic performance.

          • Decreased joint stiffness.

          • Decreased muscle tightness.

          What's Included In Our Kinstretch Membership

          • 2 New Kinstretch Classes Uploaded Every Month

            On the first of each month, we release 2 brand new Kinstretch classes. Each class is typically 60-75 minutes in duration.

          • Multiple Body Part Specific Kinstretch Classes

            Shorter Kinstretch classes (between 10-30 minutes) for specific body part mobility training (e.g. hamstring, spine, shoulder, hip, etc.)

          • Introductory Videos

            Videos that explain important mobility training concepts to help you maximize your training. This includes videos on core stabilization strategies.

          • Access To Previously Recorded Kinstretch Classes

            Receive access to 12 months of our previously recorded Kinstretch classes (24 classes, each 60-75 minutes long).

          • Multiple CARs Routine Videos

            Basic and more advanced controlled articular rotations (CARs) routines you can perform on a daily basis to prioritize your joint health.

          • CARs Demo Videos

            Every CAR demonstration video we've ever recorded.

          • Stretching Demo Videos

            Every stretching demonstration video we've ever recorded. Not just your typical stretches, but stretches that include PAILs & RAILs contractions at your end ranges of motion.

          • Kinstretch Class Requests

            We listen to our members and prioritize their needs. If you have a specific body part you'd like more classes on, just let us know and we'll make it happen.

          Why Kinstretch?

          Because you need a movement-based approach to overcome your pain and live your best life.

          This is because most pain is caused by poor movement/mobility...

          • Maybe you’ve heard, “Pain is a part of growing old.”
          • Maybe you have an old injury or joint problem.
          • Maybe you have lower back pain.
          • Maybe you’ve been told you’ll need a knee replacement. Or that your spine will need fused.
          • Maybe you’ve been told that you have bad arthritis. Or that your joints will soon be “bone on bone.”
          • Or maybe you have pain from your favorite sport or activity...

          All of these problems are caused by poor movement/mobility...


          Sure, chiropractic adjustments, massages, manual therapy, dry needling, acupuncture, cupping, and heat/ice packs can all feel amazing, but they aren't the long-term solution to pain-relief - they're just temporary solutions to help you manage your symptoms.


          Not to mention, a movement/mobility problem requires a movement-based solution. None of the techniques listed above have anything to do with improving your movement/mobility.


          The solution for pain-relief and performance enhancement is to improve your movement quality through joint mobility training, AKA Kinstretch.

          What People Just Like You Are Saying About Our Kinstretch Membership...

          Rocked out part of the hip section from a class and then did my lower body lifting session. Dang, what a difference! My right hip is often an area I have to micro-manage and it was nice to feel like it knew what to do versus me trying to tell it what to do.

          Christine P.

          Women's Health Physical Therapist

          Mobility has always been an issue for me. Stiff joints and aches & pains have been popping up more frequently for me, so I finally decided to do something about it! I recently joined Kinstretch With Dr. Jen and started incorporating daily CARs into my routine. It's so worth it so far!

          Erin C.

          Physical Therapist & Athletic Trainer

          I did a class tonight and loved it! I really needed the shoulder work and it was cool to see how my mobility increased as I did more repetitions. Not going to lie, my whole body was shaking by the end of the class. Great class!

          Kim B.


          I'm a physical therapist working in a hospital. I've suffered from chronic shoulder pain/dislocations most of my life and Kinstretch, CARs, and a solid strength training program have made a huge difference for me.

          Jaime F.

          Physical Therapist

          Today was the day my right quad and knee decided it wouldn't cause me pain anymore. I'm a 1st year DPT student and came to Ryan & Jen after over a year of struggling to find someone to help me with my issues that were causing my training and life to suffer.

          Josh W.

          Doctor of Physical Therapy Student

          Just finished the hip class and I totally felt the difference in my goblet squats today. My hips felt so good! And my balance with them was amazing too.

          Jen B.

          Personal Trainer

          Frequently Asked Questions

          What Makes Your Kinstretch Membership Different Than Others?

          Most Kinstretch memberships are created by "movement elitists" with other movement elitists in mind. In other words, most Kinstretch memberships are far too fancy and advanced for the general population.


          As physical medicine providers, we designed our Kinstretch Membership with the general population in mind. We understand what most people need to work on mobility-wise. Hint: it's not the super fancy things you see on social media, it's the basics that everyone neglects.

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