Develop Maximum Body Control, Flexibility, and Usable Ranges of Motion (Mobility) Through Online Kinstretch With Dr. Jen

You strength train. You perform cardiovascular exercise. You eat well. You prioritize your sleep. You brush your teeth. Maybe you even meditate for your mental sanity. But what are you doing to prioritize your joint health and overall mobility? Likely nothing... Which is why we created Kinstretch With Dr. Jen.

Prioritize Your Joint Health & Improve Your Mobility Online With Kinstretch With Dr. Jen

  • Identify areas of your body that need better mobility & follow our pre-recorded classes to improve those limitations.

  • Learn our 10-minute movement & mobility routine to follow daily to maximize your joint health.

  • Build injury resilience and eliminate nagging joint aches, pains, and injuries.

  • Develop maximum body control & awareness so you can do anything you love better and with more ease.

Sign-ups reopen on December 1st and close on December 2nd at 10pm EST. Join our wait list or try our sample class to get notified when sign-ups open.

Kinstretch With Dr. Jen
Functional Range Conditioning Tampa

Kinstretch With Dr. Jen

Joint-specific strength training to help you prioritize your mobility so you can stay active forever.

  • Learn about your body.

    Identify areas of your body that need some help. Learn how to regain your mobility, improve your joint strength, and mitigate future injury.

  • Control your body.

    Improved body awareness and body control will help you do anything you love better. There is no such thing as having too much control of your body. 

  • Build injury resilience.

    Improved joint mobility, body control, and increased  endrange joint strength will help mitigate joint aches, pains, and injuries.

  • Do anything you love, better.

    Improved movement quality & overall mobility will allow you to do everything you love with much more ease. 

What Our Kinstretch With Dr. Jen Members Are Saying:

"Shoulder capsule CARs have made such a HUGE difference for me!!! I'm amazed by how poor my shoulder internal rotation was and how many constant trigger points went away when I started focusing consistently on shoulder capsule range of motion."


-Alisa N.

Rocked out part of the hip section from class #4 and then did my lower body lifting session. Dang, what a difference!! My right hip is often an area I have to micromanage and it was nice to feel like it knew what to do versus me trying to tell it what to do.

Christine P.

​Women's Health Physical Therapist

Mobility has always been an issue for me. Stiff joints and aches & pains have been popping up more frequently for me, so I finally decided to do something about it! I recently joined Kinstretch With Dr. Jen and started incorporating daily CARs into my routine. CARs takes me ~10 minutes and is so worth it so far!!! 

Erin C.

Physical Therapist & Athletic Trainer

I did class #1 tonight and LOVED it!I really needed the shoulder work and it was cool to see how my mobility increased as I did more repetitions. Not going to lie, my whole body was shaking by the end of the class. Great class!

Kim B.


I'm a physical therapist working in a hospital. I've learned a lot from Jen's IG posts and her Simply Strong program, so that motivated me to join Kinstretch. As a PT, it's important to never stop learning and I know that Jen & Ryan have a lot of knowledge to share. I've suffered from chronic shoulder pain/dislocations most of my life and Kinstretch, CARs, and a solid strength training program have made a huge difference for me.

Jaime F.

Physical Therapist

Today was the day my right quad and knee decided it wouldn't cause me pain anymore. I'm a 1st year DPT student and came to Ryan & Jen after over a year of struggling to find someone to help me with my issues that were causing my training and life to suffer.

Josh W.

Doctor of Physical Therapy Student

Just finished the hip class (August, class #4) and I totally felt the difference in my goblet squats today. My hips felt so good!!! And my balance with them was amazing too!

Jen B.

Personal Trainer

You could easily have a testimonial like one of these... All you need to do is sign-up & follow the classes.

Mobility training takes time and consistent effort. Kinstretch With Dr. Jen is for those who are dedicated to the training process and will put in the work. You won't get results from signing up and then doing nothing with the classes.


If you're self-disciplined, motivated, and ready to put in the work, wait no longer. Get started today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Kinstretch With Dr. Jen?

In fitness and strength & conditioning, we often solely focus on building muscle and strength through movement patterns. Yet, we don’t focus on our joints and improving our overall mobility. And when we don’t focus on our joints and work to maintain/improve our mobility, our joint health worsens and our mobility decreases, leading to pain, muscle tightness, joint stiffness, and a lower quality of life. With Kinstretch, we utilize joint-specific exercises to improve our joint health and overall mobility. We work on enhancing ranges of motion, body control, joint strength, overall resiliency, and physical longevity.


By improving our joint health and mobility, we’re improving our movement quality. And improved movement quality allows us to do anything in life better and with more ease.


Improve your movement, improve your life. That’s our motto. Because every aspect of our life is improved with better joint health, mobility, and movement.

What's Included In Kinstretch With Dr. Jen?

How Much Does Kinstretch With Dr. Jen Cost?

What Equipment Do I Need For Kinstretch With Dr. Jen?

Who Is Kinstretch With Dr. Jen Appropriate For?

Why Kinstretch With Dr. Jen?

    • Improved joint flexibility & overall mobility.

    • Improved joint health.

    • Increased movement capacity.

    • Improved body control & proprioception.

    • Injury prevention/mitigation.

    • Injury management/rehab.

          • Improved physical & athletic performance.

          • Decreased joint stiffness.

          • Decreased muscle tightness.

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