Dr. Jen is exactly what I have been looking for, for so many years!! A Physical Therapist that truly listens and develops a comprehensive plan that is very individualized. It is evident every session that she is incredibly knowledgeable and keeps up to date on research in her field. So thankful I found her company!

Amanda C.

Physical Therapy Patient

I had the knee replacement instructions in my hands due to chronic pain and meniscus issues. However, due to COVID, no elective surgeries were allowed. I decided to see Dr. Ryan Hosler for his opinion. After a few sessions and 3 months of home exercises I am pain free and fully functional. I have regained the strength and flexibility to play tennis and cycle pain free. I highly recommend Dr. Hosler for his dedication to his work.

Joshua B.

Functional Rehab Patient

I have done a remote session with Dr. Jen and it has been so incredibly helpful! I've been able to more than double how far I can walk without pain in the last month. I love that she approaches problems with scientific rigor and an attitude to get you back to moving instead of telling you want you can't do.

Jenni C.

Physical Therapy Patient

Ryan is awesome! I started coming to Movement Upgraded with herniated discs and sciatic pain, and the stretches and exercises we've worked on have made a big difference for me. Ryan is very attentive and thorough; he really listens to your concerns and takes time to explain the movements so you can feel comfortable. I've had an awesome experience and would recommend Movement Upgraded to anyone.

Amelia M.

Functional Rehab Patient

Dr. Ryan Hosler, performance therapist

Dr. Ryan Hosler

Dr. Jen Hosler, physical therapist

Dr. Jen Hosler

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